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Upholstery Pohoda
• furniture repairing
• furniture renovation
• selling of fabrics, sofas, stools..
�al�nnictvo Pohoda


Upholstering Pohoda (Calunnictvo Pohoda) has been established in the year 2003 after long-term experiences in re-upholstering of all kinds of furniture. We provide our services not only to households, but we re-upholster furniture to huge interiors like are for exapmle restaurants, hotels, motels, health centres... We re-upholster chairs, beds, sofas, antique furniture, corner desks, doors, bar sofas....and a lot of other things at Your request.

And what can we offer to you ?

  • repairing of upholstered furniture
  • renovation of old antique furniture
  • great prices and sales for restaurants, hotels, motels....from 9 /one chair
  • re-upholstering of doors (including noise elimination)
  • re-upholstering of car seats
  • buttons covering
  • cutting of matresses at Your request
  • selling sofas and stools
  • selling matresses
  • selling more than 600 various kinds of fabrics
  • transportation included (in Zilina the transportation is FREE)
  • great guaranty for all our work

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