Price List
Upholstery Pohoda
• furniture repairing
• furniture renovation
• selling of fabrics, sofas, stools..
�al�nnictvo Pohoda


Price List:
sofa from 3900 Sk
bed from 700 Sk
corner desk from 800 Sk
car seat from 900 Sk
chair from 90 Sk
door from 950 Sk
old upholstered furniture negotiated price
fitness equipments negotiated price
bar sofa negotiated price
Price List of LUXOR:
3+1+1 from 29 200 Sk
3+2+1 from 30 700 Sk
Other offers:
stool from 500 Sk
fabrics from 180 Sk to 590 Sk
changing of the mattress from 1800 Sk
button covering from 6 Sk/button
cutting of the matress negotiated price
matresses negotiated price
transportation 1km from 14Sk
All prices are final

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